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BALLISTA (author) 2 years ago
YES! YES! I'd like to say hi to all.Yeah,for those penpricks(not really) that are reading this,I'm talking to you! Ha ha yea,you just not like're not the weird one,you don't like putrid smells,and death doesn't follow you(well,let's just say for me it's not natural to be able to talk to dead people.)so therefore you ain't got it made like I do. I'm sorry,but you just don't.Ya,me I'm SCARY all the time,I get down and respect it like frankenstein,jump up behind you unsuspectedly,and put you in the shocker while I shoot some stew in your britches! I'll even spank you something fine and fracking thank you with a nine.I'm so insane I'll even jump in a straight jacket and beat you to death with a rubber chicken!!! Ya I'm insane(both mentally and physically).Ya,I'm insane baby,I'm INSANE.
BALLISTA (author)  BALLISTA2 years ago
Butt seriously,if you like what you see,then please by all means,feel free to comment on my orange board!! Just one thing, I don't get along too well with religious people or even religion for that matter. I have nothing against it, I really don't. I just don't want that trash on my orange board. reason being why is because my soul is damned and I could never go back to religion.I've committed so many sins in my life I would never be forgiven. At one time I believed in god,I was a religious person, a catholic man. But the day I committed my first sin was the day my own world was torn away from me.And instead of overcoming my sins, I was consumed by them,and to this very day became the relentless sinner you now know. And I must say it felt good when I sinned,it felt good to be numb,to have no emotions or feelings,to have little or no sympathy for others,to be filled with nothing but hatred, pain, and loneliness. The more I did it, the more I liked it.So please, if you're a religious person, and you're smart, you won't comment on my orange board. And if you do, it'll be outta here faster than you can re-load oodalumps's handle-pump TR-8. But, if you're a sinner, then welcome!!!!!!! I like sinners!!!! If you would say:'' screw the world and everybody in it, down with the Jesus Christ,and up with Lucifer. Hell yes! I'm with you right there 100%
BALLISTA (author)  BALLISTA2 years ago
So, are there no sinners on this site or what? Man, that's a shame. I guess I'm the only sinner in existence on this site. He he, I'm the first one like that on this site!! :p
Thanks for hookin me up with an account bro. I really appreciate what you've done for me so far. Oh ye berfore I forget, you messed up on your whole religion thingo man. Just thought I'd give you a heads up. I'll be in touch.
BALLISTA (author)  KYLAR2 years ago
Oh you're welcome dude It's no problem. Why,are leaving?
Nah, I gotta get used to being on site before I logoff. So I'll be sticking around for awhile. Are aware of your typo error yet?
BALLISTA (author)  KYLAR2 years ago
Ah, I see. Yeah, I'm very aware of the mistake. I'll try to fix it when I heve the luxury and the time. Oey, ya might want to watch out love. Chaos and The_Rebel don't like you very much,they say that you don't give a damn about the aspect of life. That you say that having a soul is a weakness, a liability. Of coarse this is true, you need to kinda back off for a little while until things cool off, okay brother? I know you want your powers,so do I. I want our powers as badly as you do.But you must be patient man,because we need to spare the one shot we have at pulling this off. KYLAR,You and I both know getting our hands on The Potion Of The Beast is the ONLY way we'll get our powers. I'm sure you can wait at least one more week.
Okay, sounds good.And it is true. Frack Chaos and The_Rebel! They can kiss our white,shiny, god-like butts for all we care. Soon brother, you and I are going to be gods, and by then they won't even scare us anymore. And what about your girl Rachel ?
BALLISTA (author)  KYLAR2 years ago
What about her?
I mean, how would your girlfriend react if she figured us out?
BALLISTA (author)  KYLAR2 years ago
Heh, funny thing is I asked her about that yesterday afternoon. I asked her what would she do if she knew one of her friends was no longer human. She said she would freak a little but she'd be cool with it.

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