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    Shopping Cart Sifter

    Great idea! I always wanted to build a power sifter by rolling the mesh into a 12" tube, reinforcing the shape on the outside and then inside to support a centered shaft coming out just one end (at the top) that would turn the hole thing via a slow speed motor. Rotating the mesh tube at a fixed angle would let you pour in shovel fulls of gravel on one end, and out the other would come the clean gravel, dropping the dirt along the way into a wheelbarrow!Also planned to make a hand held sifter for those quick touch up jobs by welding up a small box frame lined with mesh (think box cheese grater size) and welding it to a handle, something like a hand held 3 or 4 tooth cultivator. That way you loosen packed in dirt/gravel with the cultivator side, flip the tool over, and scoop it out, shake it in a bucket, and return the clean gravel!Growing up in a nursery and landscaping through high school, I shoveled out my fair amount of gravels in new landscaping in Indiana when growing up!

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  • BM24 commented on Lorddrake's instructable Bicycle Canoe Cart 2.02 months ago
    Bicycle Canoe Cart 2.0

    Had something similar for toting a windsurfer by bike on Kwajalein some years back... Light but strong enough.

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  • Lazy Latkes -- Quick Gluten-Free, Vegan Potato pancakes

    I grew up on these, tho do like the grated version as it gives more texture to the potatoes. Mom always said "if YOU grate the potatoes, I'll make the pancakes!" The pureed ones here are more like what mom made from left over mashed potatoes the next morning, making those into what we called Potato Cakes, not to be confused with the Potato Pancakes that were from the grated potatoes....Ah, the benefits of German heritage! Sehr Gut! ;)Perfect served with a sunny side up egg on a stack and some bacon! Yum

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  • 'Chunky' outdoor snack - a hack off the beaten track

    Reminds me of the "Purina Diet" I was one for some time to lose weight. Here's what you do, put some Purina Dog Chow in your pocket, and whenever you get hungry, eat a few chunks. As they say, a lot of small meals are better than 1 or 2 big meals... So it's working fabulously, and I drop 12 pounds in a little over a week, right up until I went into the hospital.Hospital? Yes, unfortunately, the hospital.No, it wasn't for eating the Purina, after 11 days, I stepped off a curb to smell a Doberman's butt and got hit by a car!!!!

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