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Hi there! I wish you a merry Christmas, and a spectacular New Year!
Thanks for subscribing!
Back $lash (author)  dr. richtofen1 year ago
No problom Mike. My brother (Hunting Rapt3r) told me about you.
=D I subbed back. Your crossbow is pretty cool. It could use a better trigger though. But it certainly has potential!
Back $lash (author)  dr. richtofen1 year ago
Yeah thats the only bad thing about it to me. I might rebuild it with a better trigger. Does that sound good to you?
Sure! You can maybe also try a stronger bow. But with the limited pieces you and your brother have, it's about as good as it can get. I think a ratchet mechanism works the best on your crossbow.
Back $lash (author)  dr. richtofen1 year ago
You can maybe get some cheap k'nex on local flea markets or ebay. But keep up the good work
Back $lash (author)  dr. richtofen1 year ago
My Dad Probably Won't Let me :(
Ach so
Back $lash (author)  dr. richtofen1 year ago
My Dad says I have anough knex and I dont need any more
Oh, that's annoying. Do you share your k'nex with Rapt3r? otherwise you can build larger things with you and Rapt3rs k'nex
Back $lash (author)  dr. richtofen1 year ago
No we share but my birthday is coming up so I could ask for them for a present
Ok. hehe, good idea 'bout the birthday.
Back $lash (author)  dr. richtofen1 year ago

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