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    Custom Arduino MIDI Controller

    hi,i really appreciate your project! actully i have some problem maybe in understanding.i have an arduino mega 2560 board, which has more digital and analog inputs, as i need 9 faders and 25-30 push buttons. i uploaded the analog example with 3 faders ( I simply deleted the last fader lines - i hope it is correct) than I uploaded the midi hex file.The LED is plinking when I move the fader, but rx and tx does not blink, and I cannot map it in he FL studio software. I sees as a midi controller, but cannot control anything. (same thing in vmix video editing software)when I upload your MIDI_Controller_Uno_DIG.ino file include the midi libary, than the midi hex file, it both programs see it as a midi controller, and controles something that i cannot reanny understand. it always gives chanel 3 velocity 3 and chanel 3 velocity 131 numbers. Maybe I don't understand well your project, or how to modify the code. Do you have any idea what to do?Thanks really a lot in advance!Norbert

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