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Do all your projects here work or are they just theories? Im 13 and im very interested in these Fun (and very dangerous) Science stuff you've made. So as I said before, I am 13, I do not understand these Science equations. As a matter of fact, I do not know how to build or do any of your projects (or atleast try to make sense of what your theories are) and IF your projects Do Really Work. I would wish to see a video on the Teleportation Machine, The Quasar and The Universe projects. You can either do one of them. Thank You for reading and I Hope my Wish will be granted ;)

VincentZ310 months ago

i have been looking for someone like you please dont stop following when im ready i`ll send you a message

VincentZ310 months ago

you one of the genius who knows how to make people happy being followed by a genius

thank you for following !