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  • Barbie1Bragg commented on PaleoDan's instructable Raised Garden Bed - on legs!1 month ago
    Raised Garden Bed - on legs!

    I absolutely Love this! Its a petfect way to garden if you have a back injury and an insanse dog. After reading about your water situation with the standing water, I spoke with my mother "The All Knowing Garden Expert of Texas" That was two hours of my life. She swears by Gravel, medium size for this project. Thank you much for putting your poject on Instructables.

    Buzz off

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  • Barbie1Bragg commented on zaphodd42's instructable Stained Glass Moravian Star Ornament2 months ago
    Stained Glass Moravian Star Ornament

    I've dabbled in stained glass on and off for 20 + years, but my soldering skills have always sucked. I LOVE WHAT YOU'VE DONE!I'm going to brave it out and go for it!

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