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Camisado7 years ago
Oh yeah, I remember you. And yeah, I did get banned, but it's not permanent.
Baron A (author)  Camisado7 years ago
Cool. You still got teh ban hammer though. Was it your first time getting b@?
I got banned three times so far, the first one is on around mid-2008. One of the reasons I'm well-known around this site is because of that =P
Baron A (author)  Camisado7 years ago
You're inFamous then.... =}
Nice inFamous reference there =P
Baron A (author)  Camisado7 years ago
Played it yet? I'm getting it soon, it looks epic!
Not yet. I just got a copy of BioShock and am playing it right now, it rocks!
Camisado7 years ago
Hey! It's Telos, from the chatroom!
Easy Button9 years ago
KILLERK is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Baron A (author)  Easy Button9 years ago
Baron A (author)  Easy Button9 years ago
well oh...CRAP!

he is going to give us more FALSE project upcoming dates.
KillerK is irritating me... I mean: when in gods name the SR-v2 comes out?
Baron A (author)  TigerNod7 years ago
Don't know and honestly don't care. SR - V1 was hyped bullshit. Personally I've lost interest of K'nex guns, and about your question, knowing Killerk.....not soon.