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  • BartoszJ1 commented on Ardumotive_com's instructable Mini CNC Plotter - Arduino Based2 years ago
    Mini CNC Plotter - Arduino Based

    Hello!Firstable, Thank you a lot for your tutorial. It's really amazing.I have done my own CNC Plotter (photo uploaded), but I have a little problem. I checked both CD-driver code for test and they work prety good. Both axis work and move in correct way.Anyway, when I start the GCTRL Program with Your g-code sample - only the X axis is moving. The Y axis is not :( At beging of program the pen goes down and the X Axis is moving to defined position. Y axis just does't move.Have you got any suggestion what can be a problem? Do I need a more power to use it? Or it is some problem with calibration?I will be very gratefull for your help. I need only this one step to finish my work.Greetings Bartek!!! :)

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