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  • Bassmom1315 commented on THEKRAMES's instructable How to breed Leopard Geckos2 years ago
    How to breed Leopard Geckos

    Boi just got two leopard geckos male and female I was told there nine months but they seem small for that age my female has not ate yet but the male has jumped right into eating he actauLly at 9 Pin head size crickets she didn't eat any should I try and separate her into anothe tank or container to eat or due you think it's just stress from new environment and give her a few days to get use to ? If I do give it a few days and she doesn't eat what should I do I also will be going to a reptile show this Saturday and was wondering can I have two females done male in the same enclosure I have a 30 gallon tank and plants breed when age appropriate thank you

    Could you answer my question for me I posted at top a few seconds ago thanks

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