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Hey Basta great instructable. I live in Harrisonburg Va, and was wondering where I could get the appropriate steel for this project? And also where to get leather for the sheath? Any help would be grately appreciated.
Doddity5 years ago
If you get the time could you please post a few more pictures of some of your more recent knives.
Much appreciated and thanks for the inspiration.
shadowfluid8 years ago
i just read sum of ur comments and realized that someone had beat me 2 asking u about ur name in a book. im not sure if u know this or not since you said that you didnt read the book, but the character u derive ur name from is the main antagonist's main bodyguard and he is in love with his knife. i dont know if u chose this name on purpose or as a coincidence, but either way its genius and u really should read both books, Inkheart and its sequel, Inkspell, as mentioned in the comment below. i also like ur avatar, its VERY finely drawn... a bit TOO finely drawn, as a matter of fact. did u use a computer program or one of those photo-booth things? What do u think of my avatar? -shadowfluid
My avatar is a frog that i found.
Do you like it.
I think that it is poisonous.
Basta (author)  shadowfluid8 years ago
All I know about Basta is that he has a black heart--though I don't consider myself black-hearted, I didn't realize how good a match it was! I've been meaning to read the books foe a couple years now, maybe they'll be my next read. I used an actual photo for my avatar and then put it through the "stamp" filter in Photoshop elements. Very nice avatar yourself, reminds me of a shot from a really dramatic indie movie. The latest Spike Lee joint, maybe.
You need not worry about yourself being black-hearted, though Basta was a wicked man, he was not the one with the heart that was was "black as ink"; that was Capricorn, the man Basta served as a body guard to. If u read the books u will c 4 urself. thanks, im happy with my avatar. P.S: is that a knife ur holding in ur avatar?, just curious.
Basta (author)  shadowfluid8 years ago
Okay, glad I don't have THAT to worry about...I'm holding an airsoft gun in the avatar, going for sort of a James Bond look.
i don't have photoshop could you do it to one of my photos if i send it to you
and the third, inkdeath!
indeed, i still haven't found that one. the title was hinted at in inkspell though.
I lost my copy of inkheart. Now, I have a reason to buy a new one. =D
you... you are amazing.
shadowfluid8 years ago
im assuming u derive ur name from Cornelia Funke's Inkheart and Inkspell, no? Both r very good books. If so, then ur name is genius when relating 2 ur instuctable. Anyways, i love ur instuctable, im glad someone finally put up an instructable on how 2 make a plain old knife. thanx 4 bestowing ur gift upon us all.