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March 23, 2011
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  • BeadGarden commented on groovymama's instructable How To Get "Free" Eggs1 month ago
    How To Get "Free" Eggs

    Our rooster, Flip, would chase us kids, no matter where we were. Flip didn't chase dad, and mom kept her distance. Flip met his demise when he decided to challenge the neighbor Collie dog - a couple of acres over - and the Collie won. My mom was relieved, and the neighbors had a nice dinner, I was told much later. Unless you want chicks, do not keep a rooster :)

    Groovy, Mama! You've lived up to your name :) My family had chickens and free eggs when we were kids. You are so right about how messy they are. We also had a territorial, but beautiful, rooster... for a while. He was like an attack dog!

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