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June 23, 2016
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  • Beckieboggs commented on marcus2015's instructable Make your own lye2 months ago
    Make your own lye

    These instructions are about making lye. The comments listed sound like a Clinton/Trump debate. The author's idea is wonderful. I make soap, l buy lye, but because I like to do everything from scratch I found his idea great. I don't use saws, so I must have the same grandma as in another post. All ideas can be modified. If I were using this idea I would probably use wine corks as the spacers because, again, I don't use saws! All the author was trying to do was space the soaker hose to keep the ashes wet. How did this story get so crazy off track. And for the "poor guy's" comments, try using this lye and some oils (and preferably not motor oil) to make handmade soap. Put some lye water in a crock pot, and some olive oil, sunflower oil, or coconut oil and let it cook for hours, you can add fragrance if you want, if you have no fragrance, add cinnamon, basil, Rosemary, poppyseeds, dandelions or any other kind of weed you have in your cupboard. Be experimental, you may end up with a saponified, wonderful soap. If you need a hard bar to last forever, add sodium lactate like the manufacturers add. No sodium lactate?, add salt, you'll get a hard bar of soap. Chemicals added to lye equal a detergent; oils that are saponified with lye equal SOAP. You can use Lard, you can probably use Crisco, and you may even be able to use motor oil, maybe that's what race car drivers use. There are lye calculators on the Internet for getting a bar of soap that fits your needs. But please stop bashing the guy that took the time to share his knowledge with all of us. Would you do this to a kindergartener after his Show and Tell?

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  • Beckieboggs commented on TVbuster's instructable T-shirt hanging garden3 months ago
    T-shirt hanging garden

    This is a cute idea. I have also taken extra large T-shirts and simply stitched them across the bottom to totally enclose, like a bag, I hang them in my laundry room on hangers. One is for my bleach-able kitchen towels, one for my dark kitchen towels and one for washable rags. I stuff the dirty towels (dry of course) in through the neck; when the t-shirt gets fat and round I know I'll have a full load to wash and dry. Periodically I toss the t-shirt in the same lose to launder.

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  • Beckieboggs commented on JilC1's instructable Make a New Top Out of a Boat Neck Tee!3 months ago
    Make a New Top Out of a Boat Neck Tee!

    I love all of you new ideas and I love to create my own, too. As a fabriholic I have such cute knit fabrics in my stash pile that are only 1/2 and 3/4 yards long. I am going to use your idea to make the top of the T with a cute stripe and with a different fabric I can get the length I want as well as a fun design on the bottom.

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  • Beckieboggs commented on jfulop10's instructable Mosquito Killing Ovitrap4 months ago
    Mosquito Killing Ovitrap

    The NC State Extension office told me that Co2 does not attract Black Tiger Misquitoes. I purchased a $500 machine, purchased the tank, started the process and two weeks later had only two dead misquitoes. I called the extension center and found out that my area has the black tiger enjoying their summers in NC. I have noticed that our stores no long try to sell these machines here. This method seems worth the try and a lot less chemicals going into our environment. Investment of time and education well worth it!

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