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  • BeckyFlaUSA commented on m1k3y's instructable What to Do if the Police Stop You1 year ago
    What to Do if the Police Stop You

    Hiibel v. Sixth Judicial District Court of Nevada, 542 U.S.177 (2004)All people can feel a reasonable belief that their name willincriminate them. Under SCOTUS's ruling, people who feel this reasonable beliefdo not have to ID themselves. So right at the very beginning of any of contactwith LEO's, take the Fifth Amendment. Except while driving. Don't fall for 'Ifyou have nothing to hide", you would just cooperate with law enforcement.Time for change. Passive resistance. If you are one that wishes to give up yourRights to law enforcement, go ahead, that is your right; but don't complain orbelittle those who stand up to keep their Rights, because in the end these resistersare also standing up for your Rights.

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