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  • 10 Places to Hide a Spare Key

    Ummm, I don't think hiding a key in your electric panel box next to your electric meter is too good an idea. That can be a go to area for thieves wanting to turn your electricity off via the main breaker or other breakers, to disable any alarm before they "break" into the house. Also electric utility workers will access that panel to turn off the main breaker if they need to pull the meter for some reason. All the rest are really good, esp. the car license plate screw. I am going for that now instead of a hide key box.

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  • BeenThereDoneIt commented on LouisP24's instructable Laser Etching Glass1 year ago
    Laser Etching Glass

    Very Nice! How did you contour the top of the glass? Sandblasting, grinding? Just love the art forms that people do with float glass.

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