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  • BenW110 commented on tumaku's instructable LED Matrix with Arduino1 year ago
    LED Matrix with Arduino

    Thanks a lot for that website! That really speeds up the most tedious part of coding these things!

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  • BenW110 commented on masteruan's instructable T8 mini CNC Complete Guide1 year ago
    T8 mini CNC Complete Guide

    Thanks for this, plan to buy one but there isnt much information online, and the "download software here" buttons on gearbest page are broken now... This guide is good though might actually get one.

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  • BenW110 commented on 1o_o7's instructable AVR Assembler Tutorial 11 year ago
    AVR Assembler Tutorial 1

    hello, I was wondering if you ever managed to resolve this, I am also having problems compiling Avra, I got 1.2.3 installed fine but then found it used a different way of referencing what board you're using and the file would not work on its own.1.3.0 just has an error in the when I run ./Build because it seems a directory is not created properly

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  • BenW110 commented on GreatScottLab's instructable Build your own Crude FM Radio1 year ago
    Build your own Crude FM Radio

    I think they have to be "BF" labelled transistors, these are designed to work at radio frequencies. However if you can't find BF transistors in your country it may be because they are labelled NTE133 should do the job, but many other NTE labelled transistors will not work since it's just a company name so you'll have to look around at datasheets

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  • BenW110 commented on trymonx's instructable Orange Pi PC - Get Started!2 years ago
    Orange Pi PC - Get Started!

    Thank you so much, I've spent the whole day trying to get this thing to work and finally found this, now it's working no problems and I'm saved the headache of trying to return the damn thing. Honestly this is so straightforward and just worked immediately.

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