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  • BenasS2 commented on jessejwk's instructable How To Play The Harmonica1 year ago
    How To Play The Harmonica

    Plus, there are holea that you can ony inhale or exhale the first hole. I can exhale trough it and I hear a note, but when i inhale nothing happens

    Hey! IDK if what I have is a harmonica, but I think it is. It has 16 little holes, and 4 big ones. It's not from any of the bigger companies, so it doesn't have a key writen on it... So yeah, please help me..

    Yeah ok, it's a little bit dirty couse it's old but yeah... Also, it has a wors writen on it "Neringa" it's the name of a place in Lithuania. So I'm guessing it's from there.

    That's all.

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