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    Natural Strep Throat Remedy

    MeglyMoos87, First, I am sending a copy of this document to the FDA so that you and this website can be prosecuted for providing false medical advise.. You are incredibly incompetent and lack understanding of the awesome power of streptococcus that KILLs hundreds of thousands of Americans every year. Strept is absolutely nothing to play with. People who survive strept are often left with lifetime disabilities, amputations, heart and brain defects and even auto-immune issues related to a single stept infection. Bottom line, PEOPLE DIE, and can become severely disabled.You are further wrong in that doctors, emergency rooms, and most primary care clinics today do have immediate "rapid strept detection" equipment.The reasoning behind all of this is because Strept spreads so rapidly in the human body and is one of the reasons (one could say) that Staphylococcus is actually a beneficial bacteria helping our bodies fight off the ravages of strept where people can die in as little as 24 hours.Staphylococcus is a (sort of) self limiting bacteria. When staphylococcus makes contact with the blood, it causes blood to clot forming an abcess pocket like a pimple, and helps to seal wounds from Strept. Strept does not do this and is the reason it spreads so rapidly through the bloodstream to the heart, lungs, brain, and limbs. Once inside the blood vessels strept damages tissue linings causing swelling which blocks blood supply and causes tissue death. Many patients have to have parts of their bodies skinned like a deer because strept blocks off blood supply to large areas of skin. The white pockets which you indicate are strept is largely an old wives tail. Stept causes red swelling with few other real indicators unitl the infection as spread throughout the body. Scarlet fever is an old-fashioned name for strept, where people's whole bodies turned massively bright red and from which few people survived until the advent of antibiotics.While your alleged remedy can and do play a role in keeping healthy people healthy, there is not a single source in legitimate medicine world wide that would recommend your remedy as a cure for strept. These are often better for viral sore throats which are often mis-diagnosed or mis-treated as strept.YOUR REMEDY IS RECKLESS MEDICINE AND WILL CAUSE SOMEONE TO DIE! It is unlikely but honey could an even be a source of the infection since it contains all of the proteins etc that stept would thrive on.

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