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    Android Tablet as Car PC

    He is just using 2 RCA splitters that he did not show in the diagram.

    Every tablet on the market including apple and android devices only have 3.5 mm headphone jacks which only have stereo out L and R for aux cables and headphones it would be unreasonable to have surround out the 3.5 mm plug would be 3x as long but you can get surround sound out of Bluetooth if you have a 4 channel Bluetooth receiver you can get one for pretty cheap on Amazon or eBay or idk hope this helped but just so you know any 4 channel car amplifier ever has 4 separate channels but the head unit only really has 2 out so you have rear and front fading but that is the only difference between a head unit out via RCA and a tablet out via aux out if you want fading front to back get a RCA volume knob and put one on the front speaker side of the rca's and one on the rear side I don't think there is a single car on the market with true surround sound yes there is 4 speakers but the front and back play the same the front right plays something the rear right plays something and so on and so on so I don't know why you don't like android iOS does the samething and so does every thing else unless it is a PC with surround sound out.

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