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Owenmon5 years ago
oh heeey
YoungPyro196 years ago
I posted another instructable http://www.instructables.com/id/Purifying-Potassium-Nitrate-KNO3/

You don't have to read it but scroll through it if you want.
 Jay Leno? That picture looks possessed. 
Berkin (author)  M4industries6 years ago
Indeed. I photoshopped Michael Jackson's eyes and lips onto his face.
 Well then, no wonder!

(Not trying to be offensive to MJ fans)
PKTraceur6 years ago
 Berk!!! I have an electronics project for you! Also, I lost my SHIFTII translator... can you resend it?
It's been too long, and I'm back!
Berkin (author)  PKTraceur6 years ago
OMG... I didn't think people still used Shift II.

Rip it from here...

Berkin (author)  Berkin6 years ago
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Berkin (author)  PKTraceur6 years ago
O'z eptlomh pm s 4F hszr frdohm qtphtszzomh asmhishr vsaarf Ypjsz4F. Jpqrgiaau upi jsbr jrstf pg Bodisa V#? Yjsy'd ejsy O'z idomh yp zslr oy.
Berkin (author)  Berkin6 years ago
One thing to note, this is not the latest version. I can't find anything later than this one.
Your username reminds me of the electronics company belkin.
Berkin (author)  jedi pen-gui-n6 years ago
You're not the first to say that. ;)
Camisado6 years ago
So uh, who the heck is Alja Tonty?