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    djr67896 years ago
    great videos! your videos have helped me alot, as i am restoring my bike wich i got off a friend
    sharlston7 years ago
    hi bycle tutor any idea on how to make somekind of jack for supporting my bike when i do work on it? thanks
    thank you so much! your instructables have helped me a lot!
    hello alex, my old bike happens to coast more and longer than my new bike, is there anyway to help my new bike coast longer? i lubed it up and everything but pretty much nothing.
    Asbestos8 years ago
    Thanks for the great videos! I'm bookmarking your user page so I can find them all in once place. Thanks! Sam
    BicycleTutor (author)  Asbestos8 years ago
    Thanks Asbestos, I'm really glad you find them useful. Keep in touch!
    nagutron8 years ago
    Nice videos, BikeTutor. Any plans to do one on truing wheels? I need to do that on my fixie...
    BicycleTutor (author)  nagutron8 years ago
    Here is the wheel truing tutorial: