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June 1, 2013
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  • Lawnmower blade sharpening.  AKA, I need to sharpen my lawnmower blade?

    Great instructable. You're a funny guy.I have 18V Ryobi tools so got the battery powered mower to match. From brand new had to sharpen the blade. Unplugged the battery, used the flap sander on my 18V angle grinder to give it a couple swipes on the cutting edge, no need to take the blade off. Ive got a very small lawn so get the lawn done with 1 lot of batteries and use what charge is left to do the edges with the wipper snipper.When I finish mowing I take the battery out and wash the mower and check the blade. It goes back in the shed clean and the batteries go on the charger ready to use.

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  • BigAndRed commented on Kabapu's instructable Moonset In A Single Shot1 month ago
    Moonset In A Single Shot

    anything over 30 seconds and the sensor will get hot, causing more noise.Have found this doing astro photography.

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  • BigAndRed commented on umami_tsunami's instructable Capturing the Milky Way2 months ago
    Capturing the Milky Way

    Nice tut, will have another go with your tips.This my attempt at shooting the Southern Cross, ISO 12800, 1/2 sec, f2.4 with a Pentax K3 and Pentax DAL 35mm f2.4 lens. Ive cropped and rotated the image otherwise as shot. I was 80km north of the town Southern Cross in Western Australia out in near desert, no light polution at all till the 1/4 moon came up..

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