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Bellefontaine, Ohio
May 28, 2009
I'm an old Sailor home from the sea. I have been a maker/tinker/industrial artist all my life. The navy gave me the training to put alot of vague ideas into practice, and I haven't stopped yet.
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    Turning a Trashed Mobile Home into a Shop

    I'm surprised you didn't rig a double door or garage door or such. I have an old 65x14 mobile that I'm using for storage as I build my shop. the shop is a carport sheet metal building. when the shop is done (really, are they ever?) I was going to use it as a finishing room. I heat the shop with a wood stove, the mobile is heated with a 20000 but ventless propane heater with a blower. I had to live in the mobile for a couple years, the ventless does a good job. I had a stock tank with chicks and ducklings in my living room. Then I got married and the wife has decided I need to be civilised. Made me build a house and everything.

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