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  • BikashS9 commented on rodski's instructable PowerBanks "How it Works"1 year ago
    PowerBanks  "How it Works"

    Hi, I bought EasyAcc powerbank, model no. PB20000TP. I am facing charging issue.After opening the box i used it to charge my phone and was able to charge it 5 times. Now only the last led bulb is blinking.I connected it to a USB charger and connected it to power source and kept it over night for about 10 hours on the first day, but there was still only the 4th led bulb is blinking. I am not able to understand why its not charging. 2nd day also i kept if for almost 11 hours with same result.I am using a USB charger with: Input 100-240V / Output 5V-1ACan you please guide me on how to charge or if i am doing it wrong? Please provide a solution.

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