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  • BillK27 commented on akund's instructable Self-Balancing PT (homemade Segway)1 year ago
    Self-Balancing PT (homemade Segway)

    Oh, just one more thing. You can see my temporary grey wires to (3) 10k 10-turn pots glued together, I adjusted the code to read on startup via analog inputs, the pot settings, these are translated to my PID settings. Allows a simple adjustment in the field using your fingernail even, a quick reset and you're off with fresh PID settings to test. When done, I'll tuck the cable down inside.

    Hello Akund, a progress question. My example has been done and running great for a week or so. It died today, and I after exhausting other possibilities, I am wondering if there is an issue with the MPU6050 devices. Currently, as I think you do as well, I operate the arduino at 5v, as 5v is required for high speed 16mHz operation. But the MPU6050 is a 3.3v device. I took a chance and ran it without a fancy level shifter at 5v, and it has up to this point operated fine. Just wondering out loud if that's how yours operates, and if it's given any trouble.

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