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  • Living out of a 2016 Ford Focus In San Francisco for 5 Days $135

    Your comment about the truck stop shower is very misleading. I'm not sure what truck stops you have been frequenting, but the majority of the major chain truckstops have amazing showers. Flying J, Pilots, Loves, TCA and more all have great facilities. Cleaned after every use and endless....ENDLESS hot water. The ONLY problem with them is that if you have not fueled like a trucker (Most places are 50+ GALLONS for the discount) you will pay around 10 dollars for the usage of the shower. Another alternative that you failed to mention is the usage of babywipes. Find a restroom with decent privacy and wipe your entire body down with babywipes. It cleans as well as a shower and costs much less. Get biodegradable wipes and your carbon footprint shrinks considerably!

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