Blue Mullet

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didexo1 year ago
Did you make another account?
JonnyBGood1 year ago
Here's the semi auto pistol pics you wanted. I want to play around more with it but I also want to build some more new stuff for the contest so afterward I'll do more with it.

Thanks for posting it though, it was worth the wait!
Oops, almost forgot the pics...
Blue Mullet (author)  JonnyBGood1 year ago
Looking nice!
JonnyBGood2 years ago
How is the semi-auto hand gun coming along?
Blue Mullet (author)  JonnyBGood1 year ago
YYYYEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know what I'm building in three days! Thanks for telling me!
Blue Mullet (author)  JonnyBGood1 year ago
No problem, revisit my Forum topic on the Blow back pistol to see the V2 that will be posted.
ryry20112 years ago
Hey what new gun are you working on I am very happy with what you build I like your style. Real black son or just post your new gun.
Ah...thanks for the sub bro. Why didn't you post all of KnexGurl's guns on this account though?
If you saw me three years ago you'd know why. Lol.
Ah..ok. What do you mean?
Three years ago I had around 250 subscribers. I had about up to eighty instructables. But I deleted the account stupidly. I still stumble as to why I did. But if you want to know more about my reputation, go ask somebody older.
Hmm...well honestly, I don't care about your past. You've changed, and I'm not gonna hold your past against you. :-)