Blue Mullet 2

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Blue Mullet 2 (author) 4 days ago

Cool gun. Cool vid. I especially like the stock and handle. It looks fun to shoot too.

Blue Mullet 2 (author)  CorgiCritter2 days ago

Thanks man! It is a fun gun to shoot, my favorite part on it is the barrel. Nice man

myOmy5 months ago

So do bowl a lot?

Blue Mullet 2 (author)  myOmy5 months ago

Im big in bowling. Im more into bowling than video games (I stopped playing them). I will try and get a video of me bowling sometime.

Good for you!

Blue Mullet 2 (author)  sonic broom6 days ago

Your commenting on a post 5 months old, are you now stalking my comments? I know you straight up dont like me but that doesnt give you a reason for all of these sarcastic comments. Even if they are not sarcastic, thats how they appear to me over the internet.

I sometimes wounder if he stalks MY comments. Like on my PDR review, no sooner have I shown a picture to TD, then Sonic comments about it. LOL, sometimes I do check out the comment feed from people I'm subscribed to though. That's how I found this, so I guess I'm sort of stalking the comments myself. XD

Anyway, I don't think he was being sarcastic, he just sees video games as a waste of time. And I don't think he dislikes you.

As you have guessed by now, yes, I am bored, and have nothing better to do then stick up for a random guy on the internet.

Blue Mullet 2 (author)  CorgiCritter5 days ago

Yeah, now he says he likes my guns, while on one of TheRedBook's ibles he clearly says that he doesnt like my guns that much.

Please give me a link to that comment I do not remember posting comment like that.

Blue Mullet 2 (author)  sonic broom5 days ago

Of course you dont remember, because you were not the one who was hurt by it. And Im not going to search all 99 of red's instructables just to find that comment, when you could just of deleted it.

Your wish is to end this conversation, well congrats because its ended. Don't reply back, even though your probably going to anyways.

I'm sorry if you where hurt. I looked at all of the comments I have made and I did not find one that downgraded you. I might of said something about how I don't like it that you use a lot of cut parts but that is different. Also I hope that this will be forgotten. I do not like to be in bad standing with fellow users

I think I've seen that comment before.

I'm so sorry for any misunderstanding I was just saying my opinion about cut parts and such and the he commented back about how he cuts new parts and since I saw a guy on YouTube that spray painted his KNEX for cars so I thought why would say that but if that is such a big deal then I will remove those comments if he wants me too. Hope this clears everything up.

Huh? Did you mean to send this to BM?