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JonnyBGood1 month ago

Just to let you guys know, I have been listening to your comments about problems with the Competitor V's trigger and performance! I will be working on revisions to the gun as soon as I can and I will let you know so you can give me your feedback of whether or not I've fixed the problem.

I'm sorry this gun did not live up to it's expectations, and I will have revisions to it to make it what I have described!


Glad you're still active! Haven't heard much from you lately...

Blue Mullet 2 (author)  nerfrocketeer1 month ago

I've been quite active, I guess we just haven't talked much lately.

Yeah I suppose so, but I haven't spent much time here lately, either. Looking to be around more.
akshat210451 month ago

As I told you, my newest I'ble is finally here! Check it out.

I want you to do me a favor, so I can do you a favor... =D

I'd like to take a shot (lol, pun intended) at making you an epic profile photo, so would you let me know which of your builds is your favorite? Like mine, for example, is my AK-12. I just like how it turned out, so what's yours?

Sure! I'd love to have a better profile picture. My favorite builds at least posted online would be my MP7, M1 Garand, M4a1, and the Makarov... You get to choose, even the picture! Have fun!

Well, I'll be honest with you, most of the "work" I just did was purely text related. But, as the saying goes, font goes a long way (that saying doesn't exist to my knowledge). Here are your profile pics (a lot of little different variations are here, so yes, many have the same style):

P.S. If you want me to make any small changes to any of these pics, I can totally do that for you. Tell me what works!

PP #1.jpgPP #2.jpgPP #3.jpgPP #4.jpgPP #5.jpgPP #6.jpgPP #1.jpgPP #2.jpgPP #3.jpgPP #1.jpgPP #2.jpgPP #3.jpgPP #4.jpgBM's MP7 PP #1.jpgBM's MP7 PP #2.jpgBM's MP7 PP #3.jpgBM's MP7 PP #4.jpg

I have a competitor in the picture bussiness eh? Good! I was getting overbooked with requests from random people on instructables, Google plus, and YouTube... I give you the ibles territory gladly... Except for personal requests...

One tip though, Red, crop the image into a square FIRST, that way it will fit in the user photo box after you've added all other effects and emblems.

myOmy2 months ago

I dropped a comment on one of your guns on your other account

Blue Mullet 2 (author) 3 months ago

Recently just got into the Final Fantasy series! I really am liking them so far!

Have fun!

Blue Mullet 2 (author)  nerfrocketeer3 months ago

Will do, you into gaming? Or are you one of those 'active' people. Lol

Not necessarily either way. Depends on what you consider Nerf, Paintball, and Airsoft. :)