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Blue Mullet 2 (author) 1 month ago
TheDunkis7 days ago

I know you're also busy working on your war weapon, but I was wondering if you were interested in helping out with a gun I'm working on using the rotary magazine concept I went over in my forum topic. I asked Red as well but, well, we all know how often Red checks these parts. So what I'm working on is a compact bolt action that utilizes rotary magazines for yellow rods. I have a general body laid out but there are a few parts I'm having a little trouble with. I can send pics if you're interested.

Blue Mullet 2 (author)  TheDunkis6 days ago

Id be interested. Send the pictures my way!

knexguy23722 days ago

Hey man...I haven't posted a gun in forever...but I'll start back again this summer. I already have a gun completed, but I was thinking of sending you some pics to see if it could look better, (you're more experienced at rifles than I am), because I want my return to be a good one. Soo, can I just post some pics here on your orangeboard?

Blue Mullet 2 (author)  knexguy23722 days ago

Sure man, I currently do not have a project going on. Maybe a collaboration with someone though. You can put pics here or you can pm me on YT or Google+.

Ok thanks....nice Turret Rifle by the way

Blue Mullet 2 (author) 1 month ago

Cool gun. Cool vid. I especially like the stock and handle. It looks fun to shoot too.

Blue Mullet 2 (author)  CorgiCritter1 month ago

Thanks man! It is a fun gun to shoot, my favorite part on it is the barrel. Nice man

myOmy7 months ago

So do bowl a lot?

Blue Mullet 2 (author)  myOmy7 months ago

Im big in bowling. Im more into bowling than video games (I stopped playing them). I will try and get a video of me bowling sometime.

Good for you!

Blue Mullet 2 (author)  sonic broom1 month ago

Your commenting on a post 5 months old, are you now stalking my comments? I know you straight up dont like me but that doesnt give you a reason for all of these sarcastic comments. Even if they are not sarcastic, thats how they appear to me over the internet.

I sometimes wounder if he stalks MY comments. Like on my PDR review, no sooner have I shown a picture to TD, then Sonic comments about it. LOL, sometimes I do check out the comment feed from people I'm subscribed to though. That's how I found this, so I guess I'm sort of stalking the comments myself. XD

Anyway, I don't think he was being sarcastic, he just sees video games as a waste of time. And I don't think he dislikes you.

As you have guessed by now, yes, I am bored, and have nothing better to do then stick up for a random guy on the internet.

Blue Mullet 2 (author)  CorgiCritter1 month ago

Yeah, now he says he likes my guns, while on one of TheRedBook's ibles he clearly says that he doesnt like my guns that much.