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Blue Mullet 2 (author) 23 days ago

Hey guys, Instructables isn't letting me embed my video in a forum topic so here you go:

Yeah lets see how many people see this...

Sup G. What it is?

Blue Mullet 2 (author)  nerfrocketeer11 days ago


"Hello, friend! How are you doing today?" :P

Blue Mullet 2 (author)  nerfrocketeer2 days ago

Im doing fine. On a spring break!

Same here, as of yesterday!

Any 'Ibles plans?

Man, you need to talk more with FlyingFish...

Blue Mullet 2 (author) 1 month ago

ATLANTIS: A Knex Ball Machine is coming soon! My current project is a ball machine, take a peek at its progress from my profile pictures. It is about 70% done, more pieces are on their way.

Looking sexy so far.

I guess it correctly, either being a LMG or ball machine you are building

Blue Mullet 2 (author)  Zombiekiller-931 month ago

Yeah, I didnt want to say anything. Congrats lol

Well I'm really looking forward to it Mullet

Blue Mullet 2 (author)  Zombiekiller-9325 days ago

No your not.

Why would you say that?