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Blue Mullet 2 (author) yesterday

Update #1 on Atlantis! Click the link below to see more pictures and info!


Happy belated birthday, BM!

Blue Mullet 2 (author)  CorgiCritter11 days ago

Hey someone noticed! Thanks a lot man! Atlantis is almost complete!

No problem, I'm looking forward to Atlantis. Is it going to be posted for the K'nex contest?

Sup G. What it is?

Blue Mullet 2 (author)  nerfrocketeer1 month ago


"Hello, friend! How are you doing today?" :P

Blue Mullet 2 (author)  nerfrocketeer23 days ago

Im doing fine. On a spring break!

Same here, as of yesterday!

Any 'Ibles plans?

Blue Mullet 2 (author)  nerfrocketeer20 days ago

Why yes. Im working on my ball machine, Atlantis.

Sounds good! Posting it?

Blue Mullet 2 (author)  nerfrocketeer20 days ago

Not finished yet

Well best of luck on it!

Blue Mullet 2 (author)  nerfrocketeer11 days ago

Haha thanks, its almost complete!