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  • BoZ5 commented on mikelllc's instructable EWaste 60$ 3DPrinter1 year ago
    EWaste 60$ 3DPrinter

    so I haven't finished it yet, but you will need:2x DVD drives1x Floppy disk drive1x RAMPS 1.4 board, with necessary wires and hardware for connecting to your computer3x stepper motors obtained from the DVD and Floppy drives5x female connectors with 4 pins (added a few more than mentioned in the tutorial just in case)a whole bunch of jumper wires for the motors and the power supply, old power supply out of an old PC (Needs a 20+4 pin main power thingy)then you can download the files to print and cut the rest of the parts with the links he provided. Side note: I don't know what he used for the hot part of the extruder, still trying to figure that out.

    These look good

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