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I would appreciate the plans as well bob.

My email is juancarlosolverajr11@yahoo.com

RodolfoA184 months ago

May I please also have the PDF? :) Thank you very much ! My email is rudiarenas1@gmail.com

thanks again Bob

JackD131 year ago

Hi Bob, this is the best designed and affordable RC mower I have ever found online. I really want to make one too. specially it only uses one 12v battery. I've got a used jet 3 wheelchair, it uses two batteries and 24v DC. That requires two 12v batteries and those new batteries are too expensive ( two old ones come with wheelchair are discharged). I saw in your picture the battery seems to be a regular car battery. is it right? Also the re-play mode is a brilliant idea. I like it! I saw that it was your comment 2 year ago idea. Have you made it work? I will do some research on that part if it is not. Anyway could you also please send the PDF instructions if possible. My email: hding_88@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance.