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    Phone GPS repair

    So, I had this problem on an old Galaxy S4 from Sprint that I purchased. I tried to disassemble the phone after removing all the screws but could not get the plate off or even the speaker module. I decided that I would rather not break it trying to pop it out so I put it all back together remembering to make sure the screws were tight. When I powered the phone back on I went from having problems getting any GPS lock without other applications "assisting" to getting 2 second locks with most of the satellites. My conclusion is that, tightening all the screws down well (careful not to strip them) made the contact points better and resolved my GPS issue. Also, according to another video I saw, it seems like they are saying those contact points in the instructions here are for the cellular antenna, so I don't know. My advice, remove and then re-tighten all the screws, that might be enough to fix your GPS issue (like mine).

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