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  • KeyPi - A cheap portable Raspberry Pi 3 "Laptop" under $80

    I love people write detailed instructions and then just gloss over what is probably the most complicated step. Am I the only person in the world who doesn't just instinctively know how to take an LCD display and make it work with everything under the sun?

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  • BobS135 commented on deba168's instructable Make 4 Useful Things From 9V Dead Battery1 year ago
    Make 4 Useful Things From 9V Dead Battery

    What am I missing with the fan? Solder clip to motor; OK. Glue motor to dead(?) 9-Volt battery; Why? Glue motor to fresh 9-Volt battery; Have a fan that runs for a while, after which you're left with a motor glued to a dead battery. Why not glue the clips to the motor and add a non-momentary switch to turn it on/off? That way it can be clipped to a fresh battery as needed, like the flashlight.

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  • BobS135 commented on Joekevdv's instructable 5-Minute Coasters1 year ago
    5-Minute Coasters

    Isn't one of the purposes of a coaster to protect vulnerable surfaces like wood from condensation on glasses and from any drips that might run down the sides? How is a coaster full of gaps going to do that? These might work for protecting counters from hot items, but they don't seem like the best design for coasters.

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  • BobS135 commented on That Redhead's instructable Harry Potter Floating Candles!1 year ago
    Harry Potter Floating Candles!

    Spraying the fishing line with a non-gloss clear spray (available under names like Dullcote) will help keep them from reflecting any light and appearing shiny.

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