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  • Bodragon commented on mrstan's instructable Repair Dead COB LED Light Bulbs1 year ago
    Repair Dead COB LED Light Bulbs

    These are cob lamps not COB LEDs. (as in corn cob).

    Dear juliadee,In this case COB should really be written as just cob (or Cob if at beginning of a sentence). This type of lamp is known as a cob type since it resembles a cob of corn. It looks like mrstan looked up what COB means but got the wrong meaning and has remained as much in the dark (no pun intended), as you! I hope this shines a light (yes, pun intended this time), on the confusion.

    AFAIK, it means as far as I know, but as I say, that's just AFAIK.

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  • Bodragon commented on Shenzhen's instructable Carbon tape heated steering wheel1 year ago
    Carbon tape heated steering wheel

    You won't get shocked. No way. Unless it is wired to the high tension circuit that feeds the sparkplugs, but you ain't got HT in diesel anyway.I am an electrician and I can't see any problems here. Of course, overheating and fire is the major concern. Any coffee spill on steering wheel is highly unlikely to have any safety issues here. I mean, whole steering wheel would have to be dunked in said coffee before any potential trouble and, even then, a little electrolytic bubbling and corrosion. No fire. Caveat: any short circuit in your add-on wiring though, could cause a surprise fire. Just saying.

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  • The Greatest Electronics Tip I Know -- The Spudger

    Although an absolutely essential item on any self-respecting electronic technician's workbench, (all agreed so far), I must take issue with your assertion that the spudger is "high-tech". It is the absolute opposite of high-tech. I mean you admit yourself that it is one step up from a stick, being a fashioned stick. I think you got a bit carried away with your own enthusiasm but this tool is most definitely, wait for it... ...LOW TECH !!!There, I said it.Please, pfred2. Please don't take offence. Non intended. Great piece.Bodragon. xxx

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