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  • Bogie4570 commented on mikeasaurus's instructable 10 Woodworking Tricks the Pros Use8 months ago
    10 Woodworking Tricks the Pros Use

    I love the file folder idea for sandpaper. The salt added to the glue was handy too. I have been woodworking for 50yrs but you can always learn something helpful. Thanks much.

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  • Bogie4570 commented on a-morpheus's instructable Undead Pan9 months ago
    Undead Pan

    Linseed oil on cooking surfaces is not a wise choice. Its toxic and will leach out in the food you cook in the pan. You could use mineral oil or olive oil instead although olive oil has a much lower burn point. Bacon fat is a good choice too. Likely what most of the older generation used for their cookware. They also rubbed cold coffee into their cast iron stoves and pans to keep them black.

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  • Bogie4570 commented on burningsuntech's instructable Build a TARDIS Nite Lite!9 months ago
    Build a TARDIS Nite Lite!

    There is a hobby shop that sells train kits near me. They have a large assortment of the wood stock in these sizes in both balsa and alder. A lot of train hobbyists build their own cars. Small metal rods etc.

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  • Bogie4570 commented on Left-field Designs's instructable 3D Printed Kitten Wheelchair9 months ago
    3D Printed Kitten Wheelchair

    Nice to see a 3d printer used for something practical. Helping an animal in distress is a high calling. Good for you. Acts of kindness are rare indeed. Ultimately there is a reward but for me the reward is the act itself. Bless you. Maybe others will follow.

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  • Restoring and Assembling an Old Drill Press

    I have just purchased a Rockwell(USA made) 15in 6 speed floor model. It was made in the mid 60s. I will not repaint it though as cleaning what paint is there and all the other metal parts will be sufficient. The motor on it is 208v 3phase so it has to go. I have a new motor for it that was paid for by selling my old Taiwanese Delta 14in floor model. Beautifully made and very heavy to move. It actually has a wet table on it so I can run coolant as well. Probably still worth nearly a thou these days. They sure dont make them like this any more. Major score for my shop. FYI usually there are only 2 bearings on the quill so if it wobbles pull the head and get them replaced. Back to new.

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