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      • Bright Copper plating without electricity
      • Copper plating Brass Keys and Coins without electricity.
      • DIY Spray On Chrome kit
  • Brads2k commented on nicamarvin's instructable DIY Spray On Chrome kit 1 year ago
    DIY Spray On Chrome kit

    This is pretty cool and I own about 80% of what I need now (I have a big shop) one thing I don't understand though... where and how is the sensitizer applied? I don't see it on the list of things to buy either? So far I see:Paint and clearWash with mild soapWash with DwaterApply wetterWash with Dwater*****does it go here?*****Wash with DwaterApply silver chemicalWash with DwaterAir dryClear coatIs this right? I have probably 10 paint guns and a huge compressor, but I never saw where you used the double sprayer you bought or how? I'm really interested in this I just want to be sure I understand it before I attempt it

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