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  • Breezy7 commented on adafruit's instructable Temperature Sensor Tutorial!1 year ago
    Temperature Sensor Tutorial!

    Hi. I'm not an electrician but I am good with words & have a fair understanding of this tutorial. Having said that, I'm about to ask a possibly stupid question. It sounds like the temperature sensor has to be in a separate device if your phone doesn't already have one installed. Then, one would have to connect that device to the phone in order to get a temp reading. Is that true? Or is there a way to have a sensor installed in your phone? I'm thinking the answer is 'no' on the install. The phone in question isn't old, it IS Android but it's down the quality totem pole & is nothing fancy. I'm thinking that the phone (Samsung J1) wouldn't have all of the necessary components to do an install. Am I right? Thanks for your time.Breezy

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