• DIY fix your Maytag dishwasher on the cheap

    I will add myself to the list of people that love this advice! I am as disappointed as everyone else by having an issue on a nearly new Maytag dishwasher. We bought the dishwasher for a rental house and the tenants dealt with the problem for 6 months before telling me, so of course it was out of warranty when I was told of it. Like most others, the problems developed when it was about 14-18 months old. They reported that the buttons would stop working and that it would sometimes turn itself on. If they left it open to air out, the problem would go away as long as they didn't use it more than about every other day. I went over there today and verified that the ribbon cable was corroded. I cleaned it using a wet Mr Clean magic eraser and also used some rubbing alcohol. I did not get it to look perfectly clean, but could tell that none of the areas of corrosion "bridged" the green gaps between the circuit lines. An additional 10-15 minutes of effort made no additional difference in the appearance, so I put it back together and it worked.I told them to use it at least daily for the next week and if it is working flawlessly, I will go back and apply the liquid tape.Also, not sure if anyone else posted this here, but it is good to know that on this model, you need a T-20 torx bit to remove the screws. Fortunately I had watched a youtube DIY video on how to get the panel open and they mentioned that.

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