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Hello! I just love the effect you created! Is there more work involved than just spraying the paint on the glass jars? I am very new to the site, so I am not sure if I need to get the PRO membership in order to get step-by-step directions. Thanks, Traci Parsons
Brightfield Farm (author)  traciparsons4 years ago
Ha! You're in for a treat! That was IT! The most difficult part is spraying a light whisper of a coat of paint and then having the patience to wait for it to start to turn mirror like. The thought process is..."well THAT's annoying. What a waste of money! I must have been a dope to shell out money for a can of...what the? WOW"

I used vinegar that i just dabbed on with a paper towel to make small sheets of the mirror finish tear off, then RINSED the jar well with water, let it dry and sprayed another coat but that was just playing to see what would happen.

All of this is fireproof. I tried setting a jar on fire but couldn't get it to light.