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Jan. 14, 2016
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  • BruceG123 commented on ashleyjlong's instructable Preparing and Gilding a Real Insect8 months ago
    Preparing and Gilding a Real Insect

    Thank you! I will try to do so soon. In the meantime, I found Caswell to be an excellent source for the materials and instructions to get me started. They now even have an organic materials kit (if you choose to go that route) which was not available when I did it. Spray on the sealer and copper conductive paint with a hobby airbrush; polish with a dremel and buffing pads (or q tips cut in half). Other than the electroplating itself; the instructions here are the same or superior to the methods I used for preparing the specimen.

    Great Post! I actually experimented with "metalized" insect jewelry several years ago with interesting and positive results. But there were some issues; which your filling of the body with Mod Podge and use of fiberglass resin (on the legs) would help resolve nicely I think. Brilliant! Instead of foil leaf, I used an electroplating process for non-metallic items. While a little more laborious and costly (in terms of materials and time); the end result was quite astonishing. The nice thing about electroplating is that you are actually creating a metal exoskeleton which helps with weight and strength (useful for wings and delicate parts), and which still leaves the veins and other fine details highly visible. It can be successfully applied to dragonflies, butterflies, cicadas, leaves, crickets and any number of other objects/insects.I am attaching a couple photos; I thoroughly enjoyed your project and creativity!

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