• 200kW AC Motor Controller for Electric Car

    Hello, this controller looks great. But I have a couple questions as I haven't had the time to go through thoroughly. I am working on a similar project myself. the only main difference is that I am working with a 12 pole motor of my own design. and am going with Beefier IGBTs as I plan to go as high as 600v-750v and higher amperage. Also, I am trying to do without an encoder as my motor has a 6" hollow shaft, and I have yet to find one to fit. And latter work on connecting 2 or more of these controllers together to control multiple motors. I was wondering if you were able to build in Regen? I am trying to figure the best way to make it variable. so that the harder the brake is applied the more regen is fed back to the batteries. And of course if it goes out of limits to dump the rest via resistor. Also I am trying to figure out how to add a reverse switch. So that just as in a regular car you can have a drive position and accelerate with the throttle. Use the regen braking to stop, "shift" to reverse and use the same throttle control to accelerate in reverse. And of course I would probably add a limit to the max reverse speed.

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