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  • BryanF41 commented on lonesoulsurfer's instructable Simple Fire Piston1 year ago
    Simple Fire Piston

    lol yeah poor folks. Many diesel engines have no glow plugs. I start mine quite often without using the glow plugs. All you need is a warm day and a fast starter with good batteries. I am pretty sure none of the big semi-trucks I used to work on had any glow plugs at all. I know some just use an intake air heater to preheat the air up going in the engine.

    I will be interested in seeing your results. I have a tendency to use dried charred punk wood or dry cedar bark shavings. Mostly because out in the woods for a few weeks it can be real hard to find dryer lint. Same goes for any other kind of char cloth.

    Have you actually tried this? Char cloth has some advantages I think. Mostly because the lint isn't all cotton necesarily and plastics don't work well.

    It's pretty cool isn't it? Some indigenous tribes use this method to start fires. They just use different materials. It is pretty cool and it is the same principle that Diesel engines use to run.

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  • BryanF41 commented on ZacWolf's instructable Portable Welder2 years ago
    Portable Welder

    Would love to see a video of it welding.

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