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Just a nice fellow from Central Florida. I like dirt bikes, flying, and sailing but have Fibromyalgia and cant really do any of them. I still have computers!
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    1000W Portable Induction Heater

    Lowes has two-packs for $3.08(Our problem is that I use a lot of them everyday because we cut stainless steel and even using oil it will dull several blades just making one cut.)

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  • 6.3 kiloWatt Ground Mount Home Solar Array

    Tight work here! I'd love to do it but I'm in Central Florida with huge oak trees around. (not on my property) Plus other issues... I'd have to move and I'm just not at a point in my life that I can do that. I sure envy the rest of you that can up and move. Doing it all again, I can see myself living out west in a nice dry climate where I wouldn't need a/c 85% of the time. If it was just the electric needs, I could see that t happening but until someone invents a no-compressor no-freon a/c maybe. Thank you for a great instructable!

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    1000W Portable Induction Heater

    This is really great and thanks for the explanation that goes along with everything else. You really did a fine job here, I've wanted to build one for years but really didn't quite understand what was involved. I've wanted to be able to re-sharpen and temper the edges of hacksaw blades. I wish there was a way to do it where the entire blade didn't get hot, just the edge. Thank you very much!

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  • Building A Computer Desk / DIY Desk PC

    Is the "Black Milk Paint" a electrical conductive paint? (sorry, I hadn't ever heard of it) If it isn't, what are you doing about interference from outside sources? (The main reason computers are inside metal boxes)Thank you... very nice project! Buddy

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  • Design and Build a Custom Electric Guitar

    Kudos for a very fine build. It's really not my type of guitar to own but I love to see different builds and you really rocked the house here. This should be in Guitar Player Magazine. I have been thinking myself of building my next guitar with a progressive neck and fanned frets. I would still build a six-string and use a regular headstock but that doesn't make any difference, I could still build the progressive neck with fanned frets. You should really be proud, you have built a super cool guitar that has to be a ton of fun to play! Also, I love the LED's too. That's just another great addition.

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  • Medium sized DIY - CNC 20" x 30" work area

    Thanks very much!

    thank you for sharing, if you don't mind, how close did you come to your budget? This is something I've been wanting to do also but can't seem to get a good idea on a final cost. Thank you!

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  • Power in the Apocalypse (How to build a Wood-Gasifier)

    Nice work here. I'm curious how long you have been welding because your fabrication is awfully sweet. I've been welding for several years and my stuff doesn't come out as good as yours. By the way, you have my vote, this is a great Instructable.Oh, also you mention in Step 5 lighting the "Flare", i don't understand where that is, could you help?

    I feel like a goof, I have reread this about ten time and just found the parts about the "flare", thank you for your explanation, sorry to ask you to do it.Please keep up the wonderful work here, this is really great. I can't wait for things to come. You Rock!

    Thank you, I probably should have known that. I appreciate your response, this is a great rig. Keep up the great work!

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