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  • BullDogBaby commented on noahw's instructable How to Kiss1 year ago
    How to Kiss

    I agree. People if you want a relationship, by all means do it. But don't move to quickly, ya'll could end up on 13 and pregnant. Ya'll are moving to fast for your own age. Slow down take a breath and enjoy life. Not a guy that makes you think if ya'll have sex he will stay. I promise you all he wants is your V card and he will wave it around and taunt you. Because he knows that he has you on the leash for letting him take it.

    I started dating this guy a week ago and I am so nervous because I really like him but my friends keep asking me "have ya'll kissed yet" or "have you done it" and I am not ready. Should I just ignore them when they ask or should I kiss him?

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