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  • Bunnyhelp commented on Spl1nt3rC3ll's instructable How to Care for a Wild Rabbit Nest1 year ago
    How to Care for a Wild Rabbit Nest

    If someone may give me some advice. We had a bad rainstorm last night. We had a nest of baby bunnies I am guessing about 3weeks old. I had put a shelter over them, so the hole would not fill up with water. The mamma came and checked on her babies about an hour or so later in the shelter. ( Have a camera to watch them) After about 5min mamma left and all three babies came out of the nest. I thought they were going to play a little and go back in. This morning 2 of the babies are gone and one is left behind but he is hanging outside the nest and will not go back in. Does anyone know will the mamma come back for him or is he abandoned?? Please any information would be helpful.

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