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  • BurdUp commented on romwell's instructable Redneck MIDI sustain pedal - DIY1 year ago
    Redneck MIDI sustain pedal  - DIY

    Thanks for letting me know how to make a "jew pedal".

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  • BurdUp commented on Mjtrinihobby's instructable Solar Powered Refrigerator! 1 year ago
    Solar Powered Refrigerator!

    Okay, so you are someone who thinks that people should just throw up their arms in the air and just give up things.It's not because of the information that you put up here, it's ANY solar information, but then I think that you already knew what I was going on about from the get go.It just seems like you can't seem to handle ANY criticism at all - which I didn't even do.The only thing I said was that I wouldn't want to risk something happening to me or my stuff, I didn't say that your information was bad.

    I wish I knew how to solar power my house without getting electrocuted and destroying all my electrical things that need powering.All this seems way too confusing for me to be able to understand it, in order to get it to work...

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