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  • Build a World's Smallest Electronic Shocker!

    Some folks don't understand that and hurt themselves. Then there's these kids thinking it's funny to shock others ... I've done my share of researching Tesla to the point of vomiting, that dude had a way of taking credit for a LOT of others work. Good thing Marconi did what he did proving that path goes both ways.

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  • ByronB2 commented on Plasmana's instructable Build a World's Smallest Electronic Shocker!10 months ago
    Build a World's Smallest Electronic Shocker!

    It only takes one complaint and cops are on you faster than white on rice

    Just a FYI, Tesla said the pictures of him sitting in the room with the high voltage discharges were double exposures

    You may want to consider editing your suggestions on this device use. To suggest shocking a person reaps legal consequences. Your worst nightmare does not share your dark humour.

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