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  • CFLBob commented on wold630's instructable Fat Bombs - Dark Chocolate & Walnut7 months ago
    Fat Bombs - Dark Chocolate & Walnut

    I made them and made the walnut butter to use in them. I'm going to make another batch with almonds and make the almond butter, too. The walnuts (store bought) had a bitter edge that almonds don't seem to. Definitely easy to make and taste great. They'll be a regular around here.

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  • Convert an ATX Power Supply Into a Regular DC Power Supply!

    If you get no DC voltage but still get shocked, measure AC voltage to ground. That might be what's biting you. If you have AC voltage, look for opens to ground from the green wire of the AC plug or the neutral (white) wire being open. It can also be your outlet, you house wiring. Before three prong plugs or polarized plugs on everything, this was very common. A little line checker like this: ( ) can tell you the AC line is OK. (No relation to Amazon or whoever makes those. I have something like it that's 35 years old, and when you need it, they're very simple to use.)

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  • CFLBob commented on Wood Review's instructable How to Sharpen Cabinet Scrapers1 year ago
    How to Sharpen Cabinet Scrapers

    Would you clarify one little bit, please? When you say, "Hold the scraper in a vice and draw the burnisher across the edge of the scraper", I don't understand what you mean by that. Looking at your example photo, do you mean to hold the burnisher in that position and pull it toward you, or do you mean to to move the burnisher in some other direction? Perpendicular to the long edge?

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