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bertus52x114 years ago
Thanks for subscribing! Let me know if I can be of any help.
CHARLESCRANFORD (author)  bertus52x114 years ago
I was wondering....Did Instructables give you any trouble about making money from your instructable? I have the opposite of your business. I have a business that I want to make an instructable for.
No, I didn't have any problems. Especially since it evolved from an earlier Instructable of mine and I already had quite some other projects.
The point is, if you really add some content to your I'ble it won't be considered as spam. However it is a thin line.
sunshiine4 years ago
I thought that I was already subscribed to your page a while back but it shows that I wasn't so I subbed again. Anyway thanks for subbing! Love your picture! Daughters are totally awesome! So are sons! I am blessed with both. They have taught me many lessons over the years. Nice to see you are a counselor and teacher! It must be rewarding! Have a splendorous day!
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