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  • CPUDOCTHE1. commented on mikeasaurus's instructable Fix a Hole in Drywall3 days ago
    Fix a Hole in Drywall

    No. The patch will be less strong than undamaged gypsum board. Perhaps you could make a decorative wood or metal piece that is larger than the current hole and put it over the hole (before or after you patch the hole) and then attach the curtain rod to that piece.

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  • Floating Shelves Entertainment Centre

    I made a couple of prototypes for my daughter. They hang with french cleats. We have not gone into production yet (she wants a bunch). I am helping my son with his projects, like making some wheels wider for a pulling truck, making a house for his electronics for the CNC plasma table we built last summer, and a cart for his tig welder.

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  • CPUDOCTHE1. commented on randofo's instructable Secret Drawer Lock1 month ago
    Secret Drawer Lock

    You can purchase kid proof locks that are operated with magnets and the best thing is that they don't require batteries. Sometimes simplest is bestest.

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  • CPUDOCTHE1. commented on MK DIY's instructable MK: DIY Milling Table for Drill Press1 month ago
    MK: DIY Milling Table for Drill Press

    I have a big expensive (for home shop standards) drill press. I bought a 5" milling vice from HD for less than $100. Obviously it is not good enough to mill with (and I wouldn't want to destroy my drill press milling steel) but the vise it good enough to position the material to drill or tap holes. All milling is done on the mill. You should probably use a hard wood for the parts that slide and put paste wax or burnish the wood where it slides and the most precision is needed.

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  • 6.3 kiloWatt Ground Mount Home Solar Array

    I have thought about installing solar panels. We don't have an AHJ to deal with. I am not sure what I would have to do with the electric co. They seem to be easy to work with. When I moved here, they installed a pole and told me when I was ready for electricity, they would have someone stop by and install the meter. They also told me that If I need to turn off the electricity to just pull the meter and tell them to stop by and install a new seal when I was finished.

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  • CPUDOCTHE1. commented on cammers's instructable Darth Vader Wood Burner Remix2 months ago
    Darth Vader Wood Burner Remix

    We always fill fuel tanks with water when cutting them. I had never thought about it, but when we were cutting a gas tank on a junked Ford Explorer (but of course what other kinds of Ford Explorer are there) with a plasma torch, my son got a good shock when the torch got wet.

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  • CPUDOCTHE1. commented on Amaries's instructable Make a Massironi shelf2 months ago
    Make a Massironi shelf

    How much does the shelf weigh? I don't have a band saw or nice sander like that. I do have a CNC Plasma table. I was thinking about making one out of 16 ga steel. I know cold rolled steel is 18.6 times as dense as pine, so 16 gauge steel should weight about twice as much as 9/16" pine.

    I use LibreCad. You can draw full size, or to scale. When you print it out, you can scale the printout or print full size.

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  • Start Fires With Electricity: DIY Arc Lighter

    I made one a long time ago with an automobile coil, a relay, a capacitor, and a 12 V battery. It was portable. Mostly made it to make sure that defective parts that I sent back for warranty replacement were determined to be bad by the vendor.

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  • CPUDOCTHE1. commented on Black Beard Projects's instructable Blacksmithing Forge3 months ago
    Blacksmithing Forge

    Cool, he has a band saw. My son keeps talking about getting one but I have run out of room in my shop. It would have been nice to have a band saw when we built a 4'x9' plasma table. The chop saw wasn't accurate enough and I had to cut 42 pieces of 2x3x1/4 tubing with an angle grinder. At least everything was within 1/16" when we got done.

    A forge is the thing that heats the metal. Forging is the process of transforming the metal.

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  • CPUDOCTHE1. commented on kdac's instructable Concrete Coffee Table3 months ago
    Concrete Coffee Table

    Probably the easiest would be to get a block of wood that is twice the width and length of the radius that you want for the corner. Then drill a hole in the center of the block that has a diameter of twice the radius of the curve. Then you get four pieces of wood with the correct radius that you can tack into each corner.

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  • CPUDOCTHE1. commented on noahw's instructable How to Weld - MIG Welding4 months ago
    How to Weld - MIG Welding

    You must maintain the correct and uniform distance from the nozzle to the work. You adjust the wire speed to keep the wire from hitting the work too hard.

    Oxygen is NOT combustable. You need to open ALL valves fully except for fuel valves (acetylene and propane) because some valves do not seal around the stem when they are partially open.

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  • CPUDOCTHE1. commented on pjkumpon's instructable Make a Back Yard Pergola6 months ago
    Make a Back Yard Pergola

    With concrete, 'cut it' is properly refereed to as screeding.

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  • How to Remove a Stuck Nut (without stripping threading)

    This has a lot more to do with how to hold a threaded rod without destroying the threads than it has to do with removing a stuck nut. This is only ONE instance of a stuck nut. I found this instruct-able and was severely disappointed. A more responsible title would be "Securely holding a threaded rod". The only decent rust penetrating "oil" is Kroil. Also, when you clamp the locked nuts in the vice, ONLY clamp the one towards the nut you are trying to remove. If you notice in your picture, the flats on the two nuts are not aligned. When you clamp both, you can either loosen or overtighten the locking nuts. By holding the inside nut, it self tightens itself against the other nut.

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  • Simple and Durable Hydroxy Gas Generator

    If you want to keep the hydrogen and oxygen gas separate tor try to use if for a torch and mix it at the torch, you can separate the anode and cathode horizontally. Oxygen will form at one and hydrogen at the other (it has been over 30 years since I got my BS in Chem and I have never been employed as a chemist or I could tell you which would form at which electrode.) Just collect the separate gases at each electrode, and mix them where you want them.

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  • CPUDOCTHE1. commented on grillmaster's instructable Smoked ribs in the smoker7 months ago
    Smoked ribs in the smoker

    I smoke a lot of other stuff, but to me, smoking ribs does not enhance them in any way. If you notice, the above cooking takes almost 3 hours if not more. I run the grill about 250 degrees, so it is low and slow.

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  • CPUDOCTHE1. commented on danielhfourie's instructable How to wire a 240V AC outlet7 months ago
    How to wire a 240V AC outlet

    Dude, you don't have a ground in that box, only a neutral. You can't wire a NEMA 6-50 to that box. You did get lucky on one part. 8 ga is ONLY good for 45 amps, but with a welder, you can de-rate the wire. YOU have to put clamps on the wire where it goes through holes to prevent the wire from pulling out and rubbing to wear away the insulation. You also mount your recepticle in a box. I ALWAYS use 6 ga wire and 50 amp breakers for wiring a NEMA 6-50 or 14-50.

    Since the two blades of the recepticle are both hot, it does not matter.

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  • CPUDOCTHE1. commented on grillmaster's instructable Smoked ribs in the smoker8 months ago
    Smoked ribs in the smoker

    I used to go to the trouble of smoking my ribs. I use turbinado sugar (probably shouldn't post that, now everyone will have better ribs) and just do them in a grill. 45 minutes bone side down, 30 minutes bone side up, and then wrap them in foil until done (about 1 hr 30 minutes).

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  • DIY CNC For 60$ (Large Work Area)

    No. It is a complete tested $2800 kit with electronics, computer, controller, and 620 oz motors that he is using.

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  • Make Your Own Dead-Blow Hammer! | DIY Woodworking Tools #7

    With tape and plastic straps on there, in no time the transformer will fly off in an unintened direction and screw up something other than what you were trying to screw up. If you want to use tape to attach the transformer, use the tape to attach it to the nearest set of balls so that it isn't swung with much force.

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  • DIY CNC For 60$ (Large Work Area)

    My son and I are building a CNC plasma table. The working area is 4'x8' He is opting to buy the controls.

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