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danymw6 years ago
 check my instructable,it's the buggy,i finally made it,but i wouldn't have started without your buggy,i credited you too,in a comment at last step
danymw danymw6 years ago
 you want to credit in first page?forgot to ask
You need to get an avatar, man!
 i have on now
check mine out
It's ok.
i love puzzles ok
check it out now!!!! it's the v-cube collection a 5x5, 6x6, and 7x7
CRAZYCREATOR187 (author)  fishgish5096 years ago
 ha ha, I haven't even tried a rubiks cube before. 
i dare you to look up v-cubes on google
CRAZYCREATOR187 (author)  fishgish5096 years ago
 whats so good about it?