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  • C_K_P commented on emmeshop's instructable Raspberry remote control with Telegram7 months ago
    Raspberry remote control with Telegram

    Hi I get this error when I try to take a still photo with the photo commandUser Abcd online (was online [2016/05/04 14:08:45])mmal: main: Error opening output file: /home/pi/camera/photo.jpg~No output file will be generated [14:03] Abcd >>> photo *** 1458323157.993260 lua: attempt to call a nil value

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  • C_K_P commented on emmeshop's instructable Telegram on Raspberry Pi7 months ago
    Telegram on Raspberry Pi

    Hi, I followed the instructions, but when I run the 'make' command, I get this error. Any suggestions?pi@raspberrypi:~/tg $ makemake: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.

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